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It’s been a productive day. Should be making bags and wallets for tomorrow’s show but naaww! These 2 are part of a series I’m giving to my dad. 5 in total, all based off military portraits. They will portray my mom and dad(above), my grandpa, and my mom’s grandparents.

The pathetic thing is the request for these was made at xmas time sooo I’ve been dancing around this for like 5 months. :-P I’m giving myself a deadline- father’s day/Dad’s birthday. Definitely must have them done.

I freaking love my library

Recently stepped into the world of audio books and they are great! I can listen to a story while I work and my library has a fairly large selection. YAY! My first one was What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz and I really liked it. Psycho killer turns ghost kind of story, very spooky.


"My family was a bunch of odd balls. We found the
funny where ever we could. Even in moments where funny was hiding, we managed to pull it out by its feet and hold it down while we laughed as it struggled. Joy is precious. Laughter is rare. We learned to hang on to it, tickle it, and make it ours. ” - O-bitch-uary

Go follow my mom’s tumblr! She is an author looking for eager readers, so scoot!

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